When Julie was little she had two dreams: to become a librarian and to own a pink canopy bed like the one in the JC Penney catalog. Apparently getting her “L” words confused, Julie became a lawyer instead of a librarian, at which time she promptly forgot all about the pink canopy bed and start lusting after a Coach briefcase.

She started writing when her daughter was a toddler, thinking it would be a good way to stave off stay-at-home mom craziness. She found her niche writing for teen girls because apparently, she is still actually a 15 year old girl inside. Except then her daughter went to school and she realized writing was making her crazy, so she went back to practicing law. Then her husband decided to open a clinical trials research center, so she quit practicing law and began a crash-course in the pharmaceutical industry. To learn more about this part of her life and clinical drug trials in general, visit hirclinicaltrials.com 

She lives in the South with her husband, daughter, 3 cats, 1 Border collie, 1 Blue Heeler, 1 Chihuahua, and a Cockatiel. Julie would like to note that only the cats and Chihuahua were her idea. Julie would also like to note that this is her author website & is in no way related to her legal or clinical research career. (In other words, if anyone related to her day job happens to be reading this, she promises she does not always speak like a 15 year old girl & does, in fact, know several fancy legal words & about laws & medical research and stuff.)


Julie is represented by the fabulous Michael Bourret of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.