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I hate technology

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

My laptop is dead. May it R.I.P. Well, actually it can’t R.I.P. because I had the foresight (or stupidity) to pay an extra $300 for “accidental damage and handling protection” when I bought it. Which basically means that Best Buy has sent it off to a secret location where gnomes or robots or magical fairies are somehow going to resurrect it from the dead. According to “Agent Feinstein,” aka Zac Efron’s look-alike, this will take anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. And judging from the maniacal way he laughed after he told me this, I assume it will be more on the 3 weeks side. Right now I have commandeered one of my friend’s computers to write this blog. Because that’s the kind of dedicated blogger I am.
I also lie a lot. ūüėČ

I KNEW he was smarmy (OMG, I am so old)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I KNEW John Edwards was hiding something behind those boyish good looks and that whole I-love-blue-collar-workers schtick.


And I was right!¬†It turns out he’s a player just like the rest of the male population.¬† He cheated on his wife WHO HAS CANCER.¬† Although to be fair, I think his extramarital dalliance actually took place before his wife was diagnosed.¬† And he does seem to be pretty contrite.¬† And he did lose his oldest son in a car accident several years ago, and–damn it.¬† I started this post with the intention of ripping him to shreds and now I feel sorry for the guy.

And what’s up with me blogging about a POLITICIAN??¬† Am I really that old?¬† Pretty soon I’ll be writing about the stock market¬†and mutual funds or something.¬† Quick–I must write about something totally shallow and pointless, preferably involving a cute guy.

Searching the gajillion mental files of random pop culture information floating around in my brain . . .

Oh, oh,–I know!¬† Prince William is¬†supposedly thinking about getting a tattoo.¬† A giant one on his back, like David Beckham’s.¬† And because I’m sure Prince William reads my blog (heck, I bet the entire royal family reads it.¬† Hi Queen Mum!), I want to take this opportunity to give Wills my opinion on the subject.¬† DON’T DO IT, WILLS!!¬† I know you’re a prince and live in a castle and have your mother’s athletic good looks and everything, but you’re not cool enough to carry off a giant tattoo on your back.¬† Or anywhere else, for that matter.¬† You’re not even cool enough to carry off a small tattoo.¬† You’re the dignified, kingly prince.¬† Leave the tattoos to Prince Harry.¬† Harry could carry off a giant tattoo on his back.¬† He’s got that cocky, bad boy thing going on.¬† Sorry, Wills.¬† That’s just the way it is.


See?¬† Harry is hanging out with P. Diddy (Sean? Puff Daddy? I forget what I’m supposed to call him now).¬† I rest my case.

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