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I hate technology

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

My laptop is dead. May it R.I.P. Well, actually it can’t R.I.P. because I had the foresight (or stupidity) to pay an extra $300 for “accidental damage and handling protection” when I bought it. Which basically means that Best Buy has sent it off to a secret location where gnomes or robots or magical fairies are somehow going to resurrect it from the dead. According to “Agent Feinstein,” aka Zac Efron’s look-alike, this will take anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. And judging from the maniacal way he laughed after he told me this, I assume it will be more on the 3 weeks side. Right now I have commandeered one of my friend’s computers to write this blog. Because that’s the kind of dedicated blogger I am.
I also lie a lot. 😉

I KNEW he was smarmy (OMG, I am so old)

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I KNEW John Edwards was hiding something behind those boyish good looks and that whole I-love-blue-collar-workers schtick.


And I was right! It turns out he’s a player just like the rest of the male population.  He cheated on his wife WHO HAS CANCER.  Although to be fair, I think his extramarital dalliance actually took place before his wife was diagnosed.  And he does seem to be pretty contrite.  And he did lose his oldest son in a car accident several years ago, and–damn it.  I started this post with the intention of ripping him to shreds and now I feel sorry for the guy.

And what’s up with me blogging about a POLITICIAN??  Am I really that old?  Pretty soon I’ll be writing about the stock market and mutual funds or something.  Quick–I must write about something totally shallow and pointless, preferably involving a cute guy.

Searching the gajillion mental files of random pop culture information floating around in my brain . . .

Oh, oh,–I know!  Prince William is supposedly thinking about getting a tattoo.  A giant one on his back, like David Beckham’s.  And because I’m sure Prince William reads my blog (heck, I bet the entire royal family reads it.  Hi Queen Mum!), I want to take this opportunity to give Wills my opinion on the subject.  DON’T DO IT, WILLS!!  I know you’re a prince and live in a castle and have your mother’s athletic good looks and everything, but you’re not cool enough to carry off a giant tattoo on your back.  Or anywhere else, for that matter.  You’re not even cool enough to carry off a small tattoo.  You’re the dignified, kingly prince.  Leave the tattoos to Prince Harry.  Harry could carry off a giant tattoo on his back.  He’s got that cocky, bad boy thing going on.  Sorry, Wills.  That’s just the way it is.


See?  Harry is hanging out with P. Diddy (Sean? Puff Daddy? I forget what I’m supposed to call him now).  I rest my case.

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