Reasons why Julie is going back to practicing law

Reason Number One:I like dress clothes. Unlike (by my scientific calculations) the majority of my authorly peers, I do not like wearing sweat pants. Or sweatshirts. Or flannel pajama bottoms. Or tee shirts. Or jeans, even, unless they are designer and paired with high heels. In the writing world, this is odd. If asked to list the top 5 perks of being an author, almost all writers will put “working in my pajamas”–if not at the very top–somewhere close.

Not me! I liketo get dressed up every day. And (according to my mother’s calculations), I only have 5 more years before I turn into a shriveled old hag who should spend her days hiding in a dark house, interacting only with cats.* So, with my vanity-clock tick-tock, tick-tocking away, I have succumbed to the pressure of joining the “real” world.

* With proper plastic surgery and regular maintenance, this deadline could be extended 10- 15 years.     

Reason Number Two: Hurry up and Wait. Publishing involves a mind boggling, soul-crushing amount of waiting. And rejection. And waiting. And rejection. Did I mention rejection? From the editor who phones you up to discuss your “great” story idea then falls off the face of the earth to the editor who won’t even look at a manuscript that isn’t paranormal, surviving the publishing industry requires an incredible amount of mental fortitude. And while skin can definitely be toughened (I know mine has), it’s a rare person who can withstand the ebbs and flows of the publishing waters alone. That’s why writing organizations like Romance Writers of America  are indispensable to the serious writer. They are wonderful sources not only for information, but emotional support. And for some, that’s all it takes. A few good friends, an understanding critique partner, several pounds of chocolate and the bad cover or careless rejection or whatever is bothering them is dealt with and forgotten. Me? Not so much. Because I have to obsess. Not that I would ever admit to the obsessing, and certainly I’d rather die than confront someone (like the editor who fell off the face of the earth). I’m waaaay to southern for that. I’m a silent obsessor, which is a quick way to wrinkles and nervous tics. Unless I am too busy to obsess. Hence, practicing law.

Reason Number Three: Because what better way to get new material to write about? Duh.