Smile. Wave. Dominate.


Presley loves the pageant world. She knows how to work the crowd and looks gorgeous in an evening gown. But really, she needs the pageant world — for its scholarships and opportunities. The only thing standing in her way? Her archrival, Megan, who was practically born wearing a crown and sash. Megan may be the nastiest girl on the circuit, but she has one thing that Presley doesn’t: connections. And she won’t hesitate to use them.What happens when two girls will stop at nothing — including scandalous Internet pictures, vicious message board rumors, or “accidentally” ruined hair — to be crowned the winner? Strap on your stilettos and tuck in those shoulder pads…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.Check out Crowned at  the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BooksaMillion, Borders, Powells.

I may be in the middle of nowhere, but I still have standards!


Like it’s not bad enough Daddy’s in jail for embezzlement (he’s a super-successful Hollywood agent, btw, and totally innocent), but since my fashion-model mom died when I was a baby (I’m sure you’ve seen the E! True Hollywood Story) I’ve been shipped off to Possum Grape, Arkansas, to live with relatives I’ve never even met. You read that right: Possum. Grape. Not only is there no Starbucks in this town, but I’m sharing a room with a six-year-old and I’m about to miss the biggest social event of the year back in L.A.

I’m not sure how yet, but I will get back to civilization. Until then, I may be stuck on a farm, but no one’s gonna keep me from ruling the roost!

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