Pilates Ever After

I came to Pilates in my 20s after a Multiple Sclerosis relapse. My first classes were at an exercise center for senior citizens; I was the youngest student in the class by decades.

The first few weeks, I asked myself at every class why I kept returning. The exercises seemed too simple. I needed an extreme rehab program in order to recover function—something grueling involving weight machines and maybe a trainer-type person screaming things like “Give me fifty more!” as tears streamed down my face. There was just one problem: I could barely manage the “too simple” Pilates exercises.

So, I continued showing up. Not because I’m one of those people with an indomitable spirit who overcomes adversity/illness and bikes across the country with just a granola bar and a three-legged, stray dog. I don’t have a bicycle, and if I did, the stray dog would probably steal it and my granola.

I am nobody’s inspirational story. I kept showing up for Pilates class because I didn’t know what else to do.

And slowly, quietly, my body began to heal. Pilates didn’t “cure” my MS, but I would not have regained function as quickly without Pilates, and staying committed to the method has helped me maintain my physical strength and function.

Eventually, my practice moved on to other classes and studios and I began taking instructor courses through Stott, Balanced Body, and Pilates for MS.

Through Pilates Ever After, I hope to share some of what I have learned with others.
Pilates is for everyone, and if it helped me, it can help you, too.
Look for articles/videos in the coming weeks!

Jasper does Pilates every day.
Keenan logs dozens of hours on the Pilates Reformer every week.

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