Sarah Palin is threatening to sue bloggers! And lots of other people! The Huggington Post guys are already clamoring for a piece of the action, and all I want to say is–

Ooh, Ooh! Me too! Sarah, sue me! Pick me!

That. Would. Be. SO AWESOME!!!!!

There’s just one catch: I’m not a political blogger, and I haven’t “defamed” her. (Okay, so that’s two catches. I’ve never been good at math. 🙂 )

But this is America, people. The land where anything is possible, the country where you can make all your dreams come true if you work hard enough. And if Sarah Palin, on the 4th of July, can threaten to sue the press for being, er, the press then I believe that if I buckle down and give it my all, I can get her to sue me too! Think about the rewards–I’d never have to worry about marketing or publicity again! My book sales would spike! I could write a book about it when it was all over! The possibilities are endless!

Julie’s To-Do List for the week

1.) Become important political blogger.

2.) Dig out old law books and look up “defamation.”

3.) Invent fantastical, unflattering story about Sarah Palin (possibly Todd too?) that will make her sue me.

4.) Buy dog food. And apples.