UPDATE: I just read on CNN that Gale was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday night.  They’re reporting that he has a fractured shoulder and swelling of his brain, but that he is (thankfully) expected to recover.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Gale and his family, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

And now I must obsess that my posting about Gale somehow caused him to–oh, I don’t know–ALMOST DIE.  In psychiatry, this line of reasoning is called “magical thinking.”  But a psychiatrist also tried to tell me that the unicorns frolicking in my backyard were deer, so what do psychiatrists know? (Because they were SO unicorns.)   

To make up for posting about Sarah Palin, I’m putting up some pictures of my main imaginary boyfriend, Gale Harold.



Gale is the newest cast member of Desperate Housewives, which–if you’re not already a DH fan–means you should start watching it immediately.  And if you’re over the age of 18, I highly recommend ordering Queer as Folk , the Showtime series that first put Gale on the map.  His indie films Particles of Truth and The Unseen are also very well done, if you’re in more of a movie-mood.

Again, my apologies for posting about the female George Bush Sarah Palin.  It won’t happen again.  Unless she does/says something incredibly stupid before the election.  Which is extremely likely.  Actually, make that 100% certain.  So you probably will see her on here again.  Oh, boy.  I can’t wait.