I’m watching history being made and writing this post at the same time.  (I’m also watching my chihuahua eat my credit card statement).  Right now the poet (I’ve somehow managed to block on her name even though they just said it 2.5 seconds ago) is reading a very beautiful poem.  Which I assume she wrote.  That’s a lot of pressure–reading your writing out loud at what is arguably the most historic event of our lifetimes.  I’m not sure I could do it.  Not that anyone is ever going to ask me to read my writing at a super-important historical event.  I’m pretty safe there.

Anyway, I’m sort of sad that I’m not there, at the Inaguration.  That would be cool.  Both figuratively and literally.  Those people must be FREEZING. 

 Now they’re singing “The Star Spangled Banner.”  Did you know that there are actually people who don’t know the words to TSSB?  It’s true.  Obviously those people did not go to my elementary school.  Our music teacher basically tied us to our chairs and yelled at us until we had all the words burned into our memories forever.  When I’m 90 and in the nursing home, I may not know my own name, but I bet I’ll still be able to sing The Star Spangled Banner.  I’m glad to see that both  Pres. Obama and Michelle Obama appear to know the lyrics.  I’m sort of disappointed in Michelle’s outfit–I was hoping she’d wear red.  Their daughters look adorable, though–I love the older one’s blue coat.  So cute.

Now they’re awaiting the departure of the now ex-President Bush.  And I think I speak for most of America when I say, YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!  Goodbye!!  So Long!!  I hope I never see your smirk again as long as I live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That being said, I’m sure he’s a nice man and I think his wife is lovely, and I wish him a long and happy rest of his life.  But I’m not going to miss him.

Here’s to a new President and a new start!!!